Vet examines flatulent dog and discovers owner's terrible secret

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A man tried to cover up his 'wind problem' by blaming the bad smells on the family pooch. But his wife uncovered the truth, leaving her cheeky husband in the doghouse!

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We love our dogs. We wouldn't change them for the world. But let's be honest: sometimes they can be a bit gross. 

Licking their butts in front of guests, crotch sniffing strangers, and letting out some real stinkers are just a few of our dogs' 'less cute' habits.

The dog gets the blame

But a recent Reddit post highlighted how one man used our dogs' disgusting behaviours to his advantage.

The unnamed man pointed the finger at Jerry the dog whenever his wife noticed a foul smell in the room. But it was actually the husband letting out the gross gusts of air. The smells were so bad (and so frequent) that the wife took Jerry to the vet. She was convinced there was something wrong with Jerry's bowels. 

The vet couldn't spot any issues, but he advised changing Jerry's diet. When that didn't help, Jerry's mum took him back for another appointment. And that's when the husband finally confessed. 

Despite getting away with his stinky crimes, the man couldn't cope with the guilt of watching his wife going back and forth to the vets. Plus, those bills were really starting to pile up. As you can imagine, the woman was less than pleased by her husband's antics!

"He was the stinker," she wrote on Reddit. "I threw him out!"

Canine Karma

After a few nights in the dog house, the naughty husband was allowed back into the home. Although he had to agree to his wife's two conditions: He's promised to pay the outstanding vet bills. And, perhaps more importantly, he's agreed to see a doctor about those terrible smells he blamed on poor, innocent Jerry.

We'd say this guy got off lightly!

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