Watch: Soldier comes home and finds an unexpected surprise

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A video of a pup welcoming his soldier dad home from a long tour racked up thousands of views within hours of posting. Warning: this is a serious cuteness overload!

By Ashley Murphy

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The short video, reposted by the doglover_s Instagram account, captured the heartwarming moment when sausage dog Winnie realised her dad was finally home.

The man's military clothing suggests he'd been away on tour with his unit. And by Winnie's adorable reaction, it's clear that these two hadn't seen each other for a long time. 

A long awaited reunion

Winnie darts to the door, running as fast as her tiny legs can carry her. The only thing moving any quicker is her cute little tail. It shoots back and forth in joy.

Winnie then runs around in cycles, overwhelmed by the feelings of happiness and relief filling up her little heart. Then she welcomes dad back in true doggy style: jumping up to cover his face with licks and dog kisses.

The short clip ends with a close-up of the two cuddling. Winnie leans her head tenderly against her favourite human's chest. Everything is OK now—Daddy's home.

It's pure love

Dog lovers from all over the world melted when they saw the footage. It racked up thousands of likes within hours, as well as tonnes of comments.

"I  can't cope with this amount of cuteness," wrote one person. "It's melting my heart. She's so happy to see him. Pure love."

As we always say: life is just better with dogs.


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