16 hungry dogs patiently line up and wait to be fed

Black labrador and 5 German Sherpherds holding bowls in a line dog-happy

No jumping the queue! Police dogs wait patiently for food.

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These 16 incredibly well-behaved dogs might just have the best table manners (and self-control) you’ve ever seen.

By Zoë Monk

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If mealtimes at your house for your canine companions can be a bit of a scramble, imagine what it would be like feeding 16 dogs at the same time?

You might think feeding so many dogs at the same time would be pretty hectic. But not here. As this photo shows, it can actually be a very orderly affair. 

Grubs up

The photo was snapped at a police dog academy in China during feeding time and shows just how well trained these pups are. Rather than all scrambling to get first dibs on the food, the dogs queue up for dinner in a perfect line, holding their silver dog bowls in their mouths.

With the line headed up by a black Labrador, the picture shows five German Shepherds all calmly sitting in a straight line with their ears pricked up as their food is served from a big bowl. 

Patient pups

While the dogs might be hungry after a hard day’s training and eager to get their grub, they don’t show it as they wait for their turn. 

We think these extraordinary pups certainly deserve an extra spoonful (or two)!

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