Golden Retrievers’ reaction to meeting baby has family in tears

golden retrievers sniffing baby dog-happy © winstonthegoodboygolden - TikTok

Children who grow up with dogs - like this little one will - are so lucky - they have forever loving companions at their side!

By Justine Seraphin

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The 14th of April was a very important day for this family.

The best first greeting

Not only were they bringing their baby home for the first time, but they were also introducing her to their two Golden Retrievers, Winston and Doug. They didn’t know how the two dogs were going to react, but they hoped that their daughter would be welcomed with open…paws.

And they had nothing to worry about! When they approached the dogs with the baby, the two of them started wagging their whole bodies with joy. Then they got a good sniff of her, and the rest is history! They were head over heels in love right then and there!

Cuteness overload

One of the dogs instantly broke away to grab a toy and bring it back to his new human friend, while the other started to gently lick the baby’s head.

When the parents decided to take a step back with the baby, both dogs looked longingly in her direction, never breaking eye contact, and never ending the excited tail wagging. 


Already the best big brothers 💛 I see lots of kisses & toys in Miller’s future! #dogmeetsbaby #petsoftiktok #goldenretriever #feelgood #ComeDanceWithMe

♬ State Lines - Novo Amor

Now THAT is true love. What a lucky little girl!

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