3 baby tigers approach a Labrador: more than 100,000 Internet users are speechless (Video)

Labrador dog with tiger cub dog-happy © A Piece of Nature - Twitter

Sometimes love has no limits. This is the case for these three baby tigers abandoned by their mother and this Labrador who decided to adopt them.

By Emilie Heyl

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Animals always find a way to show us pure love. There are many stories about beautiful relationships between animals of different species. This is the case here again.

In a video shot in China, three baby tigers can be seen approaching a Labrador to cuddle him. A particularly sweet and surprising moment. 

Abandoned by their mother who refused to feed them from birth, these babies have found a substitute mother in the person of this big-hearted dog.

A moment of pure love

Shared on Twitter by "A Piece of Nature", the video showing the beautiful relationship between the Labrador and the three tiger cubs was an immediate hit with over 110,000 views.

In the comments, many people express their love for Labradors, which are considered to be particularly affectionate dogs.

We'll let you discover the video below.

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