Purina’s Unleashed accelerator programme offers £240,000 to six pet tech start-ups

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Founders and staff at MOA Foodtech

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For its third annual Uneashed accelerator programme, Purina has announced the top 6 best pet tech start-up companies of the year.

By Justine Seraphin

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Every year, Purina designates several companies who, in their opinion, have been the most innovative when it comes pets.

Improving pet lives, one invention at a time

Out of 150 competitors throughout Europe and North Africa, 6 companies brought home the 2022 prize.

EniferBio in Finland and MOA Foodtech in Spain, work to create more eco-friendly pet foods through researching the introduction of alternative proteins in pet diets.

Knok in Portugal, Kibus in Spain, Feragen in Austria, and Vetwork in Egypt, work to improve animal welfare through new technological advances.

Thanks to their win, these six companies will benefit from Purina’s accelerator program, which will not only guide them professionally, but also support them financially by offering them the equivalent of £40,000 each.

The support they deserve

Kim Bill, director of the Purina Accelerator Lab, says:

"We are thrilled to welcome a group of innovators as extraordinary as the 2022 edition. Like Purina, these companies want to innovate and disrupt the sector thanks to technology and data-based solutions. Even if the next six months will be very busy for them, we are impatient to see what they will create."

With the amount of pets being higher than ever after the pandemic, companies like this are so incredibly important to improve pet and owner welfare. 

We wish the best of luck to these incredible companies as they develop their businesses!

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