Watch: Manipulative cat knows exactly how to get owner to open the door

ginger tabby cat waiting behind glass door cat-happy © Nature's Rich Palette - Facebook

It can be tempting to think that animals aren’t capable of human-like behaviours such as manipulation. But watch this video, and you might change your mind!

By Justine Seraphin

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Susan the ginger tabby is quite the drama-queen. 

In and out all day

Indeed, she likes to get what she wants, when she wants it. And if her mum isn’t fast enough in serving her needs, she knows exactly how to manipulate her into doing better.

A perfect example of this is when Susan is outside and would like to get back inside. Typically, her mum isn’t quick at opening the door for her. After all, as many owners know, opening and closing the door can become quite a repetitive and taxing activity in a pet-household. 


So, for her mum to hurry the fluff up, Susan puts on her best show. She lifts her paw up, and starts looking very sorry for herself. Then, she limps towards the glass door, as if terribly injured and in need of assistance. 

Her mum, of course, opens the door for the poorly animal and that’s when - A MIRACLE! - the instant Susan places a paw inside the house, she’s back to walking normally. There was nothing wrong with her after all. All she wanted was for mum to hurry up and open the door already.

Watch a drama-queen cat fake an injury in hopes of coming inside. 😻🐈❤️

A tabby cat named Susan gave an Oscar-worthy performance when she was supposed to be soaking up the sun on the deck outside. Watch as Susan fakes an injury in order to come inside.😻🐈😸🐾🐾 🎥 by Reddit user @almond0373

Posted by Nature's Rich Palette on Saturday, May 7, 2022

You’re one cheeky cat, Susan, but thank you for the giggles!

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