Dog approaches pram: The baby’s reaction surprised the dog (Video)

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Luna the dog, a beautiful Golden Retriever, wants to play with her human baby sister. But the little one's reaction is not what she expects.

By Emilie Heyl

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María Fernanda is the owner of Luna, a beautiful sand-coloured Golden Retriever. A few weeks ago, she also became the happy mother of little Martina. 

During María's pregnancy, Luna never left her owner's side for a moment. She felt that a little human was on its way to become her little brother or sister.

As soon as the baby arrived home from the hospital, Luna immediately adopted a big sister attitude towards her.

She was very protective and watched over her closely by staying in the same room when the little one was asleep.

Time to play together!

At the beginning of March 2022, María witnessed a scene that moved her and made her laugh at the same time. 

Luna was in the living room with her favourite ball in her mouth, the blue one. Instead of taking it to María, who was in the room too, Luna went to the pram where the baby was sleeping and dropped the ball inside.

Luna probably expected Martina to throw the ball back to her, but her human little sister did not (she is a newborn baby let’s not forget that). Undeterred, the dog tried several times, gently placing the blue ball in the pram, but to no avail! In fact, the little one continued to sleep soundly.

Luna, you’ll have to be patient, in a few years Maria will be able to throw the ball back.

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