240km on foot: Man walks for 5 days with dog in tow to escape Ukrainian city

man with dirty hands and small brown dog dog-sad © Галина Геннадіївна Однорог - Facebook

This Ukrainian man went above and beyond to make sure he got his beloved dog Zhuzha to safety, despite the risks for him. 

By Justine Seraphin

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With what’s happening in Ukraine, this man knew it wasn’t safe to stay home anymore.

A very long walk

So he packed his little dog, Zhuzha, into a shopping trolley and a few necessities into a plastic bag and made his way out of the city he had always known.

Because every mode of transport was blocked or destroyed, he had no other option than to walk. And walk he did. 5 days and 240 kilometres later, he arrived at a humanitarian shelter in the city of Zaporizhia. 

Together till the end

Both human and dog were exhausted upon arrival, but thankfully, volunteers quickly tended to their needs. 


Мариуполь..... Боль.... Слезы ..... Не прощу.... Только что к нам в Запорожье в центр пришёл мужчина , который 5 суток...

Posted by Галина Геннадіївна Однорог on Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Hundreds of people have applauded the man for his courage. Not only did he leave his home, not knowing if he would make it safely to the other side, but he also took his dog with him instead of leaving him behind. That might’ve been the easier thing to do, but it was never an option for this loving dog owner.

We wish them both luck in the hard weeks and months ahead. 

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