People in Madrid surprised by strange creature making its way through the crowd

people walking in Madrid cat-sad © Pixabay

When something is uncomfortable to look at, people often ignore it. Thankfully, some people won't hesitate to help, no matter how dire the situation!

By Justine Seraphin

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A couple of years ago, the people of Madrid noticed a strange creature in the streets of the city.

A sad reality

It was small and white, and had no eyes, or so they thought. The creature stumbled around as if confused and disoriented. Most people ignored him. But one day, a kind man stopped to take a closer look.

The man soon realised that the ‘creature’ was in fact a kitten. The poor thing was suffering from a serious eye infection, and because of this, his eyes were almost sealed completely shut. The man quickly rushed the kitten to the vet so he could be examined and taken care of.

A second chance at life

Thankfully, the right treatment did the trick and the kitten was soon on the road to recovery. 

But the best news is that the kitten, now named Marshall, then found a forever home! Today, he’s living the life of a normal, healthy cat, and it’s all because a kind man didn’t look away when he asked for help.

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