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A cat is hiding in this house but hardly anyone can see it: Will you spot him?

Blue house with cat hiding cat-happy © Bright Side - Facebook / Shutterstock

A photo is currently causing a buzz on the internet and driving people crazy: where is the cat hiding?

By Emilie Heyl

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It is well known that cats are masters when it comes to hiding in the most unlikely places. It must be said that cats love to be tucked away in dark corners, out of sight, or in isolated hiding places. In short, they appreciate their moments of calm and never deprive themselves of an opportunity to take a nap far from the eyes and the solicitations.

A habit that obviously provides a lot of fun, since looking for cats hidden in unlikely places has become a real game on the Internet, where owners happily share photos of their well-hidden pets.

Where is the cat in this picture?

Recently, a photo of several small houses created a buzz. In the photo, there is a cat who has found the best place to be in peace. But it is very difficult to find! We’ll let you look for the feline yourself:

Did you manage to find the cat? Congratulations! If you haven't, we'll show you the solution below. Only have a look at the answer if you are tired of looking for the cat.

The cat hiding in the picture
Here's the cat!©Brightside - Facebook

These cats are also kings of camouflage:

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