Cat meets the new addition to the family: His reaction is hilarious

Cat in a box cat-wow © GerardChristian - Reddit

A black cat approaches a box to see what was going on, when he realises he has a new sibling… it’s dramatic!

By Emilie Heyl

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They say that animals and children have a lot in common. One of the things they share is their need to be the centre of attention, especially when a new sibling is welcomed into the family.

The black cat’s reaction when he meets his brother is just to die for, it’s hilarious!

“When you realise you are not the centre of attention anymore” 

The feline curiously approached a box to see what his humans were up to. At first it seemed to be just a box but... there was a surprise inside!

The adorable baby kitten peeks out curiously when the humans open the box. And that’s when the black cat realises what is really happening: he has a new sibling.

The expression on his face astonishes everyone who watches the video, and no wonder! We guarantee you’ll have a laughing fit when watching this video.

Welcoming a sibling has never been this dramatic.

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