Cat sniffs an object which belongs to its deceased owner: his reaction is moving (Video)

Cat with old woman sniffs deceased owner's headband cat-wow © elizabeth_garvez - TikTok

If you think cats are animals incapable of giving affection, this moving video will change your mind.

By Emilie Heyl

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In the common imagination, cats are extremely independent animals. Many people have even questioned if cats were attached to their owners.

The video we are showing you today disproves these beliefs. If you are ready to be moved, the images of Toby the cat will touch your heart.

Video of Toby the cat

Toby is a 5-year-old cat who grew up with his 50-year-old owner Viviana, who unfortunately passed away a few weeks ago.

The cat cannot get over this serious loss. A video published on TikTok by Viviana's daughter, Elizabeth, proves this. In the images, an elderly lady (Viviana's mother and Elizabeth's grandmother) makes Toby sniff a ribbon from his late owner's hair.

Toby's reaction touches the heart: as soon as he smells the object he rubs himself against it repeatedly.

What does the kitten's reaction mean?

Elisabeth commented on the animal's reaction:

"Toby misses her very much. He is also grieving and looking for her at home. I used to live alone, but now I have moved to my parents' house and I witness all his reactions. In particular, how great his love was for my mother".

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