Cat sneaks up on Husky dog: what he does next leaves his owner speechless (Video)

Black cat sneaking on Husky dog dog-cat-happy © catatonic_xtc - Reddit

Dogs and cats are adorable - it’s a fact! So imagine watching a video where a cat decides to sneak up on a dog… just to hug him! Yeah. Adorable!

By Emilie Heyl

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Catatonic_xtc recently posted a video on Reddit and in just two days it has been viewed more than 2.5 thousand times. We can totally understand why… the video is adorable!

Dogs and cats often act like brothers and sisters - they play together, they argue, they fight and they hug. And what’s even amazing is that in this video, the cat hugged his Husky brother very spontaneously. Actually, until the last minute you don’t know whether the cat will attack or hug the dog.

A spontaneous hug

The video shows a Husky dog, lying down just chilling. Then, there is a black cat who slowly sneaks up on the dog. What does he have in mind? With cats, we never know… Is he going to pounce by surprise? Is he going to ignore the dog? No… he simply wants to hug his furry friend.

To be totally honest, we think the cat initially wanted to attack the dog but then changed his mind last minute and decided to hug him instead, as it was a spontaneous but extremely short hug.

One user commented: “Your void is all legs and tail!!! I love that your dog allows a hug! My dog gets all dramatic when the cats touch her, ” - Sounds about right, cats will forever dominate dogs… well that’s what they think.

Want to watch the adorable moment between a Husky dog and a black cat?

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