Dog owner finds strange tracks in the grass and discovers his pet’s secret

Brown dog in grass dog-happy © scoobydoolife - TikTok

Scooby was adopted by his family about 15 years ago. The dog was only a few months old at the time.

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Brian is Scooby's owner. He discovered the puppy abandoned in his garage.

After taking the dog to the vet, it turned out that Scooby did not have a microchip. So, Brian and his family decided to adopt him for the rest of his life. Since then, Scooby has spent all his time enjoying his family. He lives with Brian, his wife and their children.

However, Scooby has the advantage of having a second family! Brian's parents live on the same property and the dog goes back and forth between the two houses.

The dog has two families

Every day, Scooby takes the same path to get from one house to the other. So much so that he has ended up leaving tracks on the path! The dog has dug a small trench in the grass: you can see the path the dog made from a distance. When Brian noticed this, he thought it was very funny. The traces Scooby left on the path shows how much the dog loves his two families.

Above all, the dog has found a way of never being left alone during the day! Since Brian's parents retired, they spend most of their time enjoying the weather on their porch. So Scooby spends his days with them. He even has his own recliner on the porch for naps with his second family.

Scooby then comes home to Brian when he hears that his owner is coming home from work and the kids are back from school. A very cute habit!

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