Pitbull dad meets his puppies for the first time and it’s heartwarming

Pitbull meets puppies dog-happy © tu_muneca - TikTok

How can you not fall for this TikTok video of a Pitbull meeting his puppies for the first time?

By Emilie Heyl

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On TikTok, Stephanie aka "Tu_muneca" shared with her followers the first meeting between a Pitbull dad and his newborn puppies.

A first meeting fifteen days after birth

In her video, the California-based user says, "When everyone tells you not to let daddy meet his puppies until four weeks ...".

Kilo's owner tells Newsweek that she introduced dad and puppies about a fortnight after the birth because "he's a super sweet boy and I was very confident about his reaction.

A Pitbull dad who cares for his babies

The young woman is full of praise for her pet: "He is a very good father", she explains.

A first meeting that has had the merit of making thousands of internet users fall in love with him. Many people have liked or commented on this video.

It must be said that this first meeting is enough to bring tears to your eyes. The father and mother cuddle their little ones to the great pleasure of Stephanie.

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