Don’t know what to do with your dog’s hair? Give it to your local farmers!

dog hair placed in field dog-wow © CPIE Mayenne Bas-Maine - Facebook

It sounds so strange yet it’s true! Farmers in some parts of France have started recycling dog hair for the best reason.

By Justine Seraphin

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Elodie Royer is a dog groomer based in France. Her brother is a farmer, and four years ago, he was truly struggling with wildlife ruining his plantations. With wild boar and deer regularly coming to feed in his fields, he had to replant his seeds several times over. 

Using dog hair for farming

That’s when his sister had an idea. Every week, as a dog groomer, she would fill up to 3 large bin bags of dog hair. Usually, she would just throw those bags out, but what if they could be used for something more useful? She suggested that the smell of the dog hair could deter animals from her brother’s fields. It wouldn’t cost anything to try, so that’s exactly what they did.

And it worked wonders. Her brother used to have to replant up to three times, now he only has to do it once, if at all. 

A new trend

With this method working so well, Elodie started to bring her bags of dog hair to farmers all over her area. And they’ve all been so pleased with the results.

On top of protecting farm land, Elodie is also finding a more eco-friendly way of disposing of the dog hair she collects. 

Another very ingenious way of using our dogs’ shedding to our advantage! Well done Elodie!

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