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Ukrainian soldier could've never imagined what happened after he posted this photo

soldier holding brown husky dog-happy © Андрій Смірнов - Facebook

This Ukrainian soldier changed the life of both dog and owner when he posted a picture of him holding a lost Husky on Facebook.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the

A few weeks ago, Siberian Husky Yukki was living happily with his owner, Marina, in Bucha, Ukraine.

But when bombs started to hit the city, Yukki got scared and ran away. His family searched and searched for him, but it was too dangerous to stay in Bucha. They were forced to leave their home without their beloved dog.

Husky separated from his owners

Yukki eventually came back to his home, but his family was nowhere to be seen. Thankfully, neighbours who had stayed behind started to take care of Yukki. But with the frequent bombings, Yukki was taking fright often, coming and going as a result.

One day, a Ukrainian soldier named Andriy Smirnov spotted the Husky wandering around alone. Finding the dog to be beautiful, he decided to post a picture of him on his Facebook. He captioned the photo:

"This little guy is running through the streets of Bucha. His owners are gone, but we will search for them."

Буча, отаке мале бігало повздовж будинку. Хазяїв нема, будемо шукати.

Posted by Андрій Смірнов on Saturday, April 9, 2022

A stroke of luck

The post quickly became viral and was shared over 7000 times. Thanks to its popularity, it ended up showing up on Marina’s timeline! Yukki’s worried owner could hardly believe her luck! She quickly got in touch with the soldier and arranged to meet him so she could get her dog back.

On April 12th, Marina and Yukki were finally reunited, and hopefully, they’ll never be separated again! The beautiful reunion was captured on video, and brings people a little hope in these dark times. 



Posted by Андрій Смірнов on Tuesday, April 12, 2022

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