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Rescue group working to save dozens of Golden Retrievers from dog meat trade

golden retrievers inside cages dog-sad © chinarescuedogs - TikTok

This animal rescue located in China has often had to save dogs from the meat trade, and this is one of their biggest operations.

By Justine Seraphin

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China Rescue Dogs recently discovered a dog breeding farm who sells to slaughterhouses for events such as the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. 

A new start for meat trade dogs

Rescuers immediately knew they had to intervene. Not only were the dogs destined for slaughter, but they were also living in horrible conditions - standing in tiny cages and waddling in mud and their own faeces.

So far, China Rescue Dogs have been able to remove dozens of Golden Retrievers, Corgis and Pomeranians from the facility. The dogs and puppies are now getting the vet care they need, as well as some well-deserved baths and lovely food.

There’s still work to do

Unfortunately, not all the dogs could be removed at once, as the charity’s facility was quickly filled with occupants. 26 Golden Retrievers still remain at the horrible breeding facility. The charity is very much focused on removing them from the property as soon as they get the funding and space to do so. 

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Once the dogs are all back on their feet, they will be put up for adoption, and most of them will find homes abroad. 

Perhaps you may want to adopt one of these adorable pups?

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