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Kitten takes the world by storm with his talent as a pianist

cat plays TikTok piano cat-wow © rochiylimon - TikTok

Meet Limón, a kitten who has become a TikTok star thanks to his talent as a pianist.

By Emilie Heyl

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Social media is full of feline celebrities. These little animals constantly surprise us with their hilarious and sometimes strange reactions.

On this occasion, today we wanted to present to you a new cat celebrity who has been stealing the show because of his talent as a pianist. The future Mozart is called Limón.

Meet TikTok's kitten pianist

It was through TikTok that we were able to appreciate this talented cat. Everything was recorded in a short video that was shared on the 11th of April and, since then, has collected more than 8 million views.

In the different videos we can see how Limón looks at his owner, who asks him to play something on the piano. The obedient Limón turns his head towards the piano and immediately starts playing a little atonal melody. You’ll see he is very concentrated.


Responder a @ivyvoo me mira para ver si tiene mi atención y OBVIO después pedir comida 😅 #limonelgato #gatopianista #gatosdetiktok #parati #fyp

♬ sonido original - Limón el gato

Limón the new influencer to watch out for

Limón is a kitten who has earned the title of feline influencer. This cute little cat has his own profile on TikTok, where he shows his day to day life with his fellow cats.

Surprising as it may seem, in addition to being a great performer, little Limón is also a piano teacher. In another video we can see Almendra, a kitten that recently joined Limón’s family, and who is very interested in Limón's performances. Almendra is so curious that after seeing her feline friend, she joins in by playing her first notes.

If you want to listen to the talented pair of kittens you can follow their TikTok account @rochiylimon.


La hermana de Limón va tirando notitas también 🥹❤️ #gatosdetiktok #parati #gatopianista

♬ sonido original - Limón el gato

An exhibition on New York takes place to celebrate cats of Internet

It is amazing how felines have become the stars of the internet, in fact, almost half of the original videos on Youtube are about kittens, and about 26 billion views are cat content, which makes them the most popular category.

The popularity of these little animals is such that a new exhibition has just opened at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York.

The exhibition is called "How Cats Have Taken Over the Internet". The amusing exhibition tells the story of how felines took to the web and why people are so amused by them.

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