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A woman finds an abandoned puppy: she’s in shock when she realises her mistake

Man holding grey puppy dog-wow © City of San Antonio Animal Care Services - Facebook

Sometimes appearances are not what they seem. Fortunately for Goupix, everything ended well for him.

By Emilie Heyl

Published on the

On April 23, a woman contacted Animal Care Services in San Antonio to arrange for volunteers to pick up an abandoned puppy she discovered in her driveway.

But not everything is as it seems…

A puppy that is not a puppy

Once the volunteers arrived, they quickly realised that they were not in the presence of a puppy at all. In fact, the woman had found a grey fox. The volunteers decided to name the beautiful animal Goupix.

Sadly, Goupix could not be taken in at the shelter, so instead he was taken to Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc. where he will receive all the necessary care until he is old enough to be released into the wild to live out his life.

Volunteers also told San Antonio residents not to move any puppies they see, as some are in close proximity to their mothers, who are still in dire need of care.

We wish you all the best Goupix.

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