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Poorly cat thanks vet for treating her: His reaction leaves everyone speechless

vet treating cat with skin infection cat-happy © tabukpaws - Instagram

People often say that animals know when they have been rescued. And that’s because they often thank us in the most incredible ways!

By Justine Seraphin

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Tabuk Paws is an animal charity located in Saudi Arabia. Thanks to donations, the animal rescue group is able to save cats, dogs, and other furries from the streets and send them off to their forever homes.

A few weeks ago, they took in a cat named Lovebug. The poor girl was suffering from an intestinal obstruction which led to dehydration and severe damage to the kidneys. Due to this, Lovebug also developed a bad skin infection

A grateful feline

Due to her ailments, Lovebug had to receive veterinary attention every day. Thankfully, she didn’t hate her vet visits. On the contrary, she knew the vet was there to help her, and she made sure to thank him profusely for doing so.

In fact, a video of Lovebug and her vet was caught one day in the clinic - and it’s just about the sweetest thing we’ve ever seen. No exaggeration. 

Vet melts at cat’s show of affection

As the vet is administering her treatment, Lovebug leans closer to his face, gently rubbing her nose against it. The vet reciprocates by giving her a light kiss on the nose. The cat’s desire for love and connection clearly went straight to the vet’s heart, as he immediately leans in to give Lovebug a hug. He holds her tight and gently pets her for several seconds, as if to tell her "it’s going to be ok".

Lovebug has made lots of progress since then. She’s feeling much better and will soon be headed to her new forever home in France. We have a suspicion that her new owners will be getting lots of kitty kisses on the daily!

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