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Ukrainian man lost his entire family; only his cat remains

elderly man holding grey cat cat-sad © MFA_Ukraine - Facebook

The war left this poor man with almost nothing. Thankfully he still has his beloved pet cat by his side.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the , Updated on the

 A few weeks ago, 54-year-old Ihor fled from Kyiv with his wife, sister, daughter, two nieces, two grandchildren, and his cat. 

A terrible turn of events

Their first stop was Marhalivka, a small village outside of Kyiv. The family took shelter inside an empty house for the night. But on March 5th, the unthinkable happened.

An attack on Marhalivka reduced their temporary home to rubble. A total of 11 people perished. Only Ihor survived.

A little miracle

As he stood outside the destroyed house, devastated and in disbelief, Ihor started hearing faint noises. Was someone still alive? Yes! Ihor’s cat had somehow miraculously survived.

Ihor pulled him out of the rubble and hugged him tight. Of course, it won’t bring back his lost loved ones, but it is a small comfort in these tough times. 

We hope the pair have since made it to someplace safe. 

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