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Neighbours hear puppy howling in pain, but the owner says nothing is wrong

black mixed breed puppy dog-sad © dolnoslaskastraz - Facebook

This owner took cruelty to another level when she refused to take her puppy to the vet when he clearly needed medical attention.

By Justine Seraphin

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A few weeks ago in Poland, a puppy named Żabcia was very badly injured in a road accident. 

Concerned neighbours

Despite her screaming in pain and not being able to move, her owner decided that she was fine and didn’t need to go the vets. Indeed, Żabcia’s owner continued on as if nothing had happened.

But over the next few days, Żabcia continued to cry and cry and cry. In the end, the neighbours started to wonder what was happening and decided to call an animal rescue for help.

Pup gets the attention she deserves

When the rescue arrived at Żabcia’s house, they realised that the poor pup had a shattered spine and pelvis. They immediately removed the dog from the property and took her to see a vet.

After some intensive surgery, Żabcia went to recover in a loving foster home. She is already doing much better, and has regained her puppy energy. She’ll probably need wheels to help her walk her whole life - but her future’s already brighter than her past.

Best of luck Żabcia!


Pamiętacie Żabcię, szczeniaka potrąconego przez samochód, z połamanym kręgosłupem i potrzaskaną miednicą, która leżała...

Posted by Dolnośląska Straż ds. Zwierząt on Monday, April 4, 2022

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