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Is your cat comfortable around you? His sleeping position reveals the truth

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Perhaps you didn't realise that your cat’s different sleeping positions can tell you a lot about how he feels about you.

Any cat owner knows that sleeping is one of the activities that cats enjoy the most. In fact, cats sleep 12 to 16 hours, 70% of which is divided into short naps during the day.

During these short naps, or "cat naps", felines adopt a wide variety of positions, but did you know that each position is an indication of how your cat is feeling at the time?

Here are 6 common cat sleeping positions and what they mean.

Eyes half-closed

If you see your cat sleeping with his eyes half closed, it means that he is a light sleeper and is ready to react to any risky situation.

This position is very common among newly adopted cats who have not yet let their guard down in their new home and therefore do not sleep well at all.

Curled up in a ball

If your cat sleeps in a ball, it's because it wants to be protected by covering its face and vital organs, so that it can retain some of its body heat.

With his paws under his chest

In this position your cat rests and enjoys his surroundings, but at the same time is in a position that will allow him to jump straight into action if necessary. 

On their side

Cats assume this position to sleep for longer periods of time because they feel happy and secure with their environment.


Sometimes kitties adopt "crooked" sleeping positions that would cause us terrible neck or back pain, but it turns out that if your kitty is sleeping "crooked" like that, it's because it's super comfortable.

Tummy up 

If your kitten sleeps with his tummy up, you can feel very proud because this means that he feels totally safe in his environment and trusts you completely.

Now you know, the way your cat sleeps can tell you a lot about how he feels about you and his home.

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