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This cat's reaction when owner chops onions is definitely relatable (Video)

cat watching her human cut onion cat-wow

How does the cat react to the onion?

© Chitownactor - TikTok

Despite the terrible consequences, the cat decides to continue to poke its snout on the worktop.

By Emilie Heyl

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TikTok is an endless source of videos of cats doing things or, in other words, watching their humans day and night. This is the case of a curious feline who, despite the terrible consequences for him, won't leave his owner's side while she is chopping onions.

Most cats are somewhat nosy, just like the protagonist of this video: a grey cat who doesn't hesitate to climb up on the worktop while his owner is preparing the food.

So far so good, but the problem starts when his owner picks up a knife and starts chopping onions.

The cat understands what us humans go through when chopping onions

While the woman is chopping onions, the cat keeps an eye on her. “He pays a lot of attention to her”, one comment among the hundreds of comments on the video. But when the feline raises his head and looks at his owner, his eyes are soaked with tears.

As the images show, the onion (as well as millions of other people) makes him cry.

However, the tears do not stop the feline from watching her owner. His eyes are stinging, but he can't stop watching the onion being cut. “He's having a really hard time,'' commented several people.

To which another user who has echoed the video and commented on it in real time (a very common challenge on TikTok) notes: ''I think this is so cute. Although I have a little question: why is the kitty on the counter? why is the kitty next to the food?''

Beware: Onions are toxic for cats!

Onions (as well as other vegetables such as chives, shallots, garlic, leeks, etc.) contain a substance called thiosulphate which destroys the red blood cells in the cat's blood and, in some cases, can cause anaemia.

The expert's recommendation is to keep these foods out of reach of cats and not to include them in their diet.

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