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Watch: Groomsman starts to run when he sees what the dog is up to

groom and groomsmen standing together dog-happy © Alex Simon Productions - TikTok

This dog decided he was done posing for photos at his parents' wedding - and it made for a hilarious video instead!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the , Updated on the

A couple of weeks ago, wedding photographer Alex Simon was shooting photos for a wedding when he captured a scene that was simply priceless.

Best day ever

Attending the wedding was Jax the dog, who was, for the occasion ‘best pup’. Jax did his best to be a good boy for his pawrents, but it turns out some urges are just too strong. Besides, posing for photos is boring.

Indeed, during the photo shoot, while everyone was trying to reach their perfect pose, Jax noticed something quite simply AMAZING in the background. This whole time, they had been standing in front of a huge pond! Why had no-one told him?

As soon as Jax spotted the pond, all thoughts of the wedding disappeared. He forgot all his manners and darted straight for the water.

Caught just in the nick of time

Thankfully, a groomsman noticed his escape and ran after him. Jax still got a little splash in before he was pulled out by the groomsman - so all in all it looks like it was a win for him!

The great thing about Jax’s run for freedom is that it was caught on video, and his parents will be able to cherish that hilarious memory forever!

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