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Staff moved to tears when they discover why man is camping outside their shelter

man sitting on lawn chair dog-happy © palmspringsanimalshelter - TikTok

This awesome man was so determined to get what he wanted that he was willing to wait for it for hours…and it paid off!

By Justine Seraphin

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Around a month ago, staff at the Palm Springs Animal Shelter were surprised when they saw a man sitting outside of their building. Curious, they went to talk to him. And when they discovered what he was doing, they were moved beyond words.

Determined to adopt

Indeed, the man, named Dr Brian Eberhart, told them that he was there to adopt a puppy. The puppy in question had been fostered by his neighbour and he had fallen in love with him. He knew the puppy would be up for adoption on that very day, and feared that if he didn’t arrive early enough, someone else would snatch up the adorable furball before he did.

It was only 8am at the time, and the shelter didn’t open until 1pm! But that didn’t matter to Dr Eberhart. He sat outside in a chair, reading a book as time passed. Other adopters came and went when they realised the shelter was closed, but Eberhart stayed put until the opening.

The perfect pair

And when he was finally able to see Elliot, the puppy he so desperately wanted to adopt, it was clear that it was a match made in heaven. The puppy greeted Dr Eberhart like they were long-lost friends and staff knew that he had found his new forever home.

Patience does indeed pay off, as Dr Eberhart went home with his Border Collie cross pup, now renamed Elliot. And guess what? The pair are fantastically happy together.

If only everyone was as motived as Dr Eberhart to adopt!

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