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Two Basset Hounds approach a cat chilling in the sun: the feline’s reaction is unexpected

Two Basset Hound with a cat dog-cat-happy © u/lysergic_818 - Reddit

Lily and Poppy are two 4 month old Basset Hound sisters who love to meet new friends and who seem to be very curious.

By Emilie Heyl

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On the 13th of April, Lily and Poppy’s owner filmed a scene showing their natural enthusiasm in action. However, this enthusiasm is far from being shared by their brother... The cat of the house!

Two very enthusiastic dogs

In the video, we can see the two Basset Hounds overly excited to see the cat who’s peacefully laying down in the sun, enjoying his moment alone… 

The dogs are eager to approach the cat, to play with it and show it their natural affection. But the cat's behaviour is in complete contrast to the dogs'!

While Lily and Poppy can't hold still and their little tails are wagging with excitement, the cat sits against the window and moves nothing but his eyes to stare at the dogs.

He manages, by his behaviour, to keep the two dogs at a respectable distance.

The cat is stoic 

And this emotional difference is hilarious as the dogs approach, rolling on the floor to show their willingness to be "friendly".

But nothing happens! The cat "pretends he doesn't like them," as the caption to the video posted on Reddit states.

It is often said that animals need time to get to know each other and learn to appreciate each other: as much as the doggies will have to be patient to approach the cat, the feline will have to do the same when faced with the overflowing love of his two sisters!

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