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Pugs and French Bulldogs could soon be banned in UK advertisements

black and white french bulldog panting dog-serious © Patryk Kosmider - Shutterstock

Advertising affects viewers in so many different ways, including how they choose their pets! That's why the Blue Cross wants to end the trend.

By Justine Seraphin

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The Blue Cross has launched an ‘End the Trend’ campaign which is pushing for a ban of brachycephalic breeds in UK advertisements. 

Unhealthy dogs

According to the charity, seeing so many flat-faced breeds in popular culture encourages people to purchase them more. 

Unfortunately, flat-faced breeds suffer from so many health issues. Not only do they struggle to breathe, but they’re also prone to skin diseases, spinal deformities, and eye problems. They often have to undergo surgery in order to have their airways opened. Due to their unusually large heads compared to their bodies, they also have to undergo Caesarean sections when they have their puppies.

Steps to end the culture 

All in all, flat-faced breeds don’t have a good quality of life. That’s why charities all over the UK are encouraging people to stop buying them. In Australia, new legislation has even been put in place to stop the poor breeding of them. 

The ‘End the Trend’ campaign is calling advertisers to stop using such breeds in commercials - the less they’re portrayed as ‘popular’, the less people will buy them! And perhaps in the future…there will be bans on breeding too!

You can sign the petition on the Blue Cross website.

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