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Shelter staff amazed by the amount of puppies this dog gave birth to

Black curly dog having puppies dog-wow © RSPCA Essex South and Southend Dogs Needing Homes - Facebook

The shelter staff at RSPCA were surprised to discover the number of puppies this adorable dog gave birth to.

By Emilie Heyl

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When Elsa arrived at the RSPCA, the dog was already at a very advanced stage of gestation. According to the volunteers, the dog was likely to give birth to six puppies. While waiting to give birth, the dog was being cared for by a foster family.

As The Dodo reports, Elsa finally gave birth to her babies early March. Volunteers were surprised to discover the number of puppies she had.

The dog gave birth to 13 puppies

The dog mum gave birth to not six but 13 puppies: "We knew Elsa was expecting at least six, but we were shocked when 13 arrived," said Kathy Butler, the RSPCA's Essex South, Southend & District branch manager, in a press release.

A large number, which is far from scaring Elsa. The dog quickly became a loving mother and looked after her pups.

Disney-inspired names

Even though Elsa is doing a great job of caring for her litter, the volunteers of the charity had to bottle-feed some of the puppies because they couldn't all be nursed at the same time.

Now the RSPCA hopes to give the puppies Disney-inspired names, just like their mother. People can even sponsor a puppy to help cover the costs and care of this large family.

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