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Born in a barn, the presidential cat reveals her busy schedule at the White House (video)

Willow the Presidential cat cat-happy © First Lady Dr. Jill Biden - Facebook

Willow the cat and her extraordinary destiny! Born in a barn, the kitten managed to melt the presidential couple’s hearts and today she has the best life living in the White House. She even decided to share her schedule with the world.

By Emilie Heyl

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Willow was born on a farm in Pennsylvania. When Joe Biden’s wife, the current President of the United States, was campaigning in the state, that’s when she met the kitten. The adorable kitten was walking in the middle of a presidential meeting, stepping between the chairs of the audience and asking to be cuddled. 

The cat immediately won the heart of the presidential couple. Jill Biden, the President's wife, decided to adopt the kitten some time later. 

Willow is now in her new home, the White House. The cat took her first steps in a barn and now she’s living in the most famous house of the United States, if not the whole world!

Willow reveals her new daily routine 

Just like her human father, Willow also has an extremely busy agenda. In the video below, we see the cat performing her presidential mission putting all her heart into it. 

For example, tests all the offices of the White House to take her nap! Willow also keeps a very watchful eye on the White House garden for birds. And of course, Willow also takes the time to inspect every room in the White House for treats!

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