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Dr James Greenwood defends his dog after stranger insults him in the rudest way

two labradors sitting with dr james greenwood in boot of mini dog-wow © drjgreenwood - Instagram

Not everyone loves dogs, we get that. But do you really have to be so outspoken and rude about it? This guy was out of line - and Dr Greenwood let him know.

By Justine Seraphin

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Back in January, Dr. James Greenwood was walking his two Labradors when a man passed them on the street and cried out: "That dog is f’ing ugly!"

The perfect response

Understandably, Greenwood was hurt by the comment. Indeed, his 12-year-old dog, Oliver, can’t help that he looks a little different. You see, when he was a puppy, he was attacked by an adult dog. Due to this, he sadly lost one of his eyes.

So yes, Oliver has only one eye, but in our opinion, he’s still absolutely adorable! Dr Greenwood later took to Instagram and responded to the rude comment in the best way possible. He wrote:

"To that guy today - Oliver is not ‘f’ing ugly’. But he is a dog. And can’t answer back. Which basically made you look completely stupid. You absolute doughnut. I posted about this on my stories today and my DM’s went OFFFFF with love for Oliver - so thank you 🙏🏻 to you all" 

Lessons to be learned from our dogs

Dr Greenwood went on to say that thankfully, most people do smile when they see Oliver’s cute face. In fact, thanks to his dog, Dr Greenwood has learned that there are many more good people in this world than bad people. 

Dr Greenwood also uses his platform to promote adoption and remind his followers that it’s not what’s on the outside the counts, but what’s on the inside. We couldn’t agree more.

Thanks for the lesson Oliver!

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