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Watch: 86 Y/O Ukrainian woman tearfully reunites with beloved dog

elderly woman in red coat holding small black dog dog-happy © Debbie Deegan - Facebook

We don’t know about you, but reunion videos ALWAYS make us cry - let alone when its between an elderly woman and her senior dog.

By Justine Seraphin

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When war broke out at the end of February, 86 Y/O Violetta was forced to flee her home with her children and her 13 Y/O dog, Tasha.

A challenging journey out of Ukraine

The family began a complicated journey to Romania. They encountered many problems while trying to cross the border due to Violetta and Tasha’s paperwork being expired. They visited various embassies to see who would take them in despite their paperwork, but were met with many closed doors. One embassy even suggested they return to Ukraine to get the paperwork fixed before they tried to travel. Others suggested they should put Tasha down to make the journey easier.

Heartbroken, the family knew it would indeed be easier without Tasha. In the rush and panic of trying to board buses and trains out of Romania with their weak and elderly mother, they decided to trust a kind Romanian family with Tasha’s care. They hoped they would see her again, but for now, their priority was to get out of there as fast as possible.

Reunited at last

After a tumultuous journey, the family finally made it to a very welcoming country: Ireland. There, they met many kind people who helped them settle in. One of them was Debbie Deegan. 

The first time Debbie met Violetta, she realised how much her dog meant to her: "It was all she could about."

So Debbie set out to try and locate the little dog so she could be reunited with her owner in Ireland. It took many weeks, lots of donations, and kind volunteers all over Europe, but, just yesterday, Tasha and Violetta were finally reunited. Violetta’s first tearful words to Tasha were:

"Please forgive me for leaving you Tasha, I had no choice."

The moment they met . ❤️

Posted by Debbie Deegan on Monday, April 11, 2022

Our hearts ache for the people of Ukraine…thank goodness for the kind souls like Debbie who help them in any way they can.

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