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Owner asks dog to choose between 2 treats: What dog does next is unbelievable (video)

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Did you know dogs could speak?

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Most dogs respond to their owners by following commands. But Kenny the dog has found another way to communicate with his owner.

By Emilie Heyl

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To communicate, Kenny presses buttons with its paws to "say" complete sentences. This allows him to choose his meal, or to choose the option he prefers between two rewards!

An unbelievable scene 

In a video posted on social network TikTok, a dog owner asks her pooch: "So Kenny, today we have two options for you, but you can only choose one. We have a treat or we have food.

Kenny runs to his little sound board to answer the question and presses the treat button. But then his owner told him to go back and make a complete sentence...

A perfectly constructed sentence 

The little dog went back to the button table and pressed three buttons to say, "Kenny wants a treat.” His owner then rewards him with lots of love and the treat he chose!

This fascinating video has been viewed over 14.8 million times.

People commented: "What a great way to communicate with humans!

And some even had fun asking, "Can I have the same for my teenage daughters who can't string a sentence together?

Such a clever boy!

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