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A six-legged puppy struggled to survive: 7 months later vets can't believe his transformation

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 In the city of Indianapolis, USA, a dog named Raga was born with six legs, an extra colon, four testicles and an extra penis.

By Emilie Heyl

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The vets who were present during Raga's birth said that most dogs born this way are stillborn or die very young.

But Anita, the hospital director at the VCA Advanced Veterinary Care Center in Indiana, saw the puppy fight to live and to grow. She didn’t want to give up on Raga.

Some of Raga's organs were functioning well, but his body wasn't clearing feces and that required him to be hospitalised and take strong antibiotics to clear infections.

Ragga had to go through many surgeries

Raga underwent surgery last December to remove extra limbs and pelvis.

Then in February, the strong pooch had another operation to remove most of the abnormal internal organs, including the extra penis and several urinary tracts. 

A further operation is planned to remove the last two testicles buried in his abdomen.

Today, Raga is a healthy dog of about seven months old who is thriving alongside her owner!

You’re such a little fighter Raga - you deserve the best this world can offer.

'I've never heard of that before.' How surgery helped a dog with extra limbs and organs

Hear what veterinarian Jae Tobias told us about a surgery to fix a puppy's birth defects. Among other issues, he was born with six legs and two penises. Read more: https://bit.ly/3uh5ADq Video by Bob Scheer/IndyStar.

Posted by IndyStar on Thursday, April 7, 2022

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