Soldiers in Ukraine find lost dog and reunite her with owner: The video is tear-wrenching

Husky dog running dog-angry © CBS News - Youtube

Here is an extremely heartwarming video between an owner and his dog, reunited after weeks of separation.

By Emilie Heyl

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While patrolling the town of Bucha in Ukraine, soldiers found a lost dog.

Ukrainian soldiers find the dog’s owner

The soldiers did everything they could to find the owner of Nessie, a Husky dog. 

And they succeeded in their mission, because on the 6th of April, the soldiers were able to reunite with Nessie's owner in the car park of a supermarket in Kiev. 

The scene was filmed and the video of their reunion is heartwarming!

A touching reunion 

At the beginning of the video, we can see Nessie walking at a fast speed. And then, as soon as the dog sees her father, she starts to run towards him. 

The owner greets his dog with open arms to give her a big hug. The dog then starts wagging its tail in excitement and squeals with joy. 

The man then shakes the hand of the soldier who made this reunion possible. You can imagine how relieved he must be to have Nessie back safe and sound!

Watch the beautiful reunion:

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