Man checks front door security footage while away and can't believe his eyes

front door of wooden house dog-wow

Security cameras have one job - to protect your home. But it turns out sometimes, they accomplish other important tasks!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the , Updated on the

At the end of February, Jeremy decided to take a break and go to Las Vegas for a few days. He left his dog, Dexter, with a trusted dog sitter.

Unexpected visitor comes to the door

But while in Vegas, Jeremy received a notification on his phone which said that there was someone in front of his house. And when he checked the security footage, he saw something that shocked him to his very core. 

There, in front of his front door, was his dog Dexter! Apparently Dexter was a little confused that his owner had left him with the sitter, and just wanted to go home! 

Always on the clock

Through the audio, Jeremy was able to talk to his dog and keep him calm until a friend came to pick him up.

Originally, Jeremy had adopted Dexter as a guard dog. We assume that’s why Dexter returned to the house as soon as he could - he takes his job as protector very seriously! 

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