Bride reveals her favourite photo from the wedding was a pic of the best ‘man’

bride and groom dog-happy © Sophia Coleman-Makela - Facebook

Typically at weddings, the bride is the star of the show. But at this wedding, the best ‘man’ stole the spotlight. 

By Justine Seraphin

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Sophia Coleman got married to her husband, Josh, in late 2021. Their wedding was absolutely beautiful - but there’s something that made it more special than any other ceremony. The best man.

A special man for a special role

Indeed, Sophia and Josh elected their senior Chihuahua, Rocky, for the role. The adorable pup even wore a tiny suit and tie for the occasion.

13-year-old Rocky has been with Josh ever since before his relationship with Sophia - so it came as a no-brainer that he would involved in their special day. 

The goodest boy

And involved he was! Not only was he ‘best pup’, he was also ring bearer - so he carried the very heavy responsibility of walking down the aisle with the rings. It was a tough job, as there were lots of guests (and therefore potential treat -givers) around. Nonetheless, Rocky fulfilled his role beautifully. 

Once he was done carrying out his duties, Rocky’s parents took him to their room so he could rest. But it turns out Rocky wanted to party instead! He later broke out of the room and joined his parents at the reception.

It was an incredible day immortalised with beautiful photos. When looking through them, Sophia couldn’t help but admit that her favourite photo was one of Rocky, the couple’s best pup. And when we see that adorable tongue sticking out and the tiny suit - we really can’t blame her. 

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