Watch: Dog goes down playground slide, but what happens next is even cuter

blue pitbull sliding down playground slide dog-happy © kane.slidez - TikTok

Playgrounds are for children, right? Well, evidently, not always! And you'll see why in this hilariously cute video...

By Justine Seraphin

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Kane the pitbull has a hilarious hobby. He loves to slide. 

A serial slider

That’s right - anytime he attends the playground with his owner’s young son, Kane can’t help but hog the slide.

According to his owner, Kane is self-taught. He just tried the slide one day, loved it, and never looked back.

Video of pittie at playground goes viral

Wanting to document his dog’s obsession with slides, Kane’s owner filmed his dog one day and posted it on TikTok - and the video went viral.

With over 20 million views, the video shows Kane going down the slide, tail wagging. But the funniest part is when Kane reaches the bottom of the slide. He then grabs his lead in his mouth, like the independent doggo he is, uses the stairs to run back up to the top, and slides down again!

We bet you can’t get through that video without smiling. We know we couldn’t! Seriously, what would we do without dogs?!

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