Owner sees dark spot on dog’s chest: She looks closer and can't believe her eyes

Chow Chow with dark spot on chest dog-wow © dukeofhawthorn - TikTok

There’s lots of things you might expect your dog to bring into the house, but this? This is something we never imagined.

By Justine Seraphin

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A couple of weeks ago, a dog owner was surprised when she called her Chow Chow, Duke, into the house and he walked in with a curious dark spot on his chest.

Hitching a ride

Wondering what it could be, she took a closer look. And when she realised what it was, she simply couldn’t believe it.

Indeed, the dark spot was in fact a baby possum who had latched himself onto the Chow’s long coat! The poor baby must’ve confused the dog for his mum and hopped on for a warm and comfy ride. 

Released into the wild

Duke’s mum proceeded to grab a towel and grabbed the little guy, gently pulling him off the dog’s chest. When the baby was finally removed, Duke seemed to discover him for the first time; baffled that there had been a possum hanging onto him this whole time!

Duke’s mum released the baby onto a nearby fence, from where he undoubtedly made his way into the trees. At this age, he shouldn't need his mum to survive anymore, so we're sure he'll do just fine. As long as he stops mistaking dogs for other possums!

What a neat discovery! 

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