Ukrainian soldiers find a dog in an abandoned house: What they do next goes viral (Video)

Ukrainian soldier with black dog dog-happy

Entering an abandoned flat in Kiev, the soldiers took control of the situation.

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Pets are also victims of the conflict in Ukraine. However, these Ukrainian soldiers just did a noble gesture to save this dog.

By Emilie Heyl

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The war in Ukraine has been going on since the 24th of February 2022 and is leaving behind ghost towns made up of houses abandoned by citizens fleeing the conflict.

Despite the best efforts of the Ukrainian people, not all pet owners are able to take their pets with them and many dogs and cats find themselves alone under the rubble. Fortunately, some manage to be rescued, as in the case of Bavaria.

The discovery

Ukrainian soldiers were inspecting abandoned houses on the front line near Kiev when they came across an expected guest: a big black dog with curly hair, who was just waiting for some company and food.

To calm him down, one of the soldiers started playing music with a music box toy left in the house. Attracted by the music, the four-legged dog moved closer and let the soldier cuddle him.

A mission for Bavaria

Some documents were left in the house and that’s how the soldiers discovered that the dog's name was Bavaria.

Now their hope is to find the dog’s owner, but in the meantime, Bavaria will spend all his time with the two boys who found him, surrounded by love and affection.

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