British army veteran travels through Ukraine to save animals who were left behind

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Braving the risk of being hit by bombs and artillery, this heroic man is doing everything he can to save the innocent trapped in Ukraine.

By Justine Seraphin

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Tom, who was in the British army for 16 years, is now at the head of a UK-based animal rescue group known as ‘Breaking the Chains’. Its mission is to raise awareness about the plight of animals throughout the world. With their documentaries, Tom and his team are able to show their followers what daily life is like for shelters in countries where animal abuse is common.

A lover of all animals

Passionate about animals and indebted to them after they ‘saved’ him more than once in his life, Tom couldn’t sit idly by when he saw what was happening in Ukraine. Knowing many families would flee without their pets, and others would be stuck there with their animals, Tom decided he would help. 

For the past couple of weeks, he’s been traveling through the country, picking up abandoned pets along the way, helping to evacuate shelters and breeders. He’s even helped with the safe extraction of a lion!

The hero of Ukraine

In the span of two weeks, Tom has already saved 700 cats and dogs from war-torn Ukraine. He and his team have also delivered over 100 tons of food and medical supplies to those in need. According to Tom, this is a job that only someone with experience in the army could do - it is a dangerous place to be, but thankfully Tom knows how to dodge attacks and live in precarious conditions.

The animals are being brought to a safe shelter in Romania where they can be assessed and then adopted out to their forever homes throughout Europe.

Thank goodness there are people like Tom in the world! 

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