Child loses pet cat at Polish border: Their reunion has everyone in tears

Child holds cat in arms cat-happy © dominic dyer - Twitter

War will not stop animal lovers from protecting their dogs and cats. And this story is proof of that.

By Emilie Heyl

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Since the war began in Ukraine, all pet owners are doing everything they can to protect their dogs and cats, as their pets are an integral part of their family.

However, there are often situations where things get complicated: escaping is not always easy, and bombings can frighten animals who, in panic, flee from the arms of their beloved family.

A miracle happened for this child who lost his cat

Twitter user @domdyer70 posted a heartwarming photo of a Ukrainian child, who has just arrived at the Polish border. We can see the child reunited with his cat, which he had lost shortly after crossing the border.

The photo has reached more than 250,000 likes in just two days and shows once again how important pets are in people’s lives.

Never separate families

Pets should never, ever be separated from their family and this is why, many countries have softened the rules of entry for animals. Dogs and cats are part of a family and families should always stay together.

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