Woman’s missing cat returns: When she sees his paw, she’s horrified

ginger cat in garden cat-angry © oscarfickel3 - Unsplash

As loving pet owners, one of our biggest fears is that our animals get hurt. A horrible thought that this cat owner had to contend with last week.

By Justine Seraphin

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In France last week, Hindou Madi desperately searched for her cat, who hadn’t returned home after being let out.

A terrible accident

A whole day after he went missing, Ralph the cat finally appeared in her backyard. But something was clearly wrong. The cat was slow, limping, and appeared to be in pain.

Hindou rushed to his side, and was horrified by what she found. Her poor cat’s paw had been caught in a barbaric leg hold trap which had no doubt been intended for a fox.

Hindou quickly tried to free her cat’s paw, but struggled immensely, as the trap was closed tight. When she was finally able to pry it open, she rushed her cat to the animal hospital. 

Danger for pets and wildlife

The vet was thankfully able to save the cat’s leg, which was broken, but didn’t require amputation

Leg-hold traps are cruel tools designed to trap and sometimes kill the animals who walk into them - particularly if they’re made out of sharp steel. They are illegal in the UK.

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