Ukraine: This Jack Russell touches the hearts of many people around the world

jack russel terrier in Ukraine dog-serious © ДСНС України - Facebook

This brave little dog became famous after the Ukrainian state emergency service posted his story on social media. Here's why.

By Emilie Heyl

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"Meet the patron, this is the patron. He is two years old. He is the soul and mascot of our Chernihiv pyrotechnics. Accompanying them always and everywhere. By the way, he loves cheese very much, so our boys, on occasion, like to spoil him." - writes the Ukrainian Emergency Service in a Facebook post.

The photo shows a Jack Russell Terrier dog wearing a tiny military vest and staring at a Russian mine that has been pulled out of the ground, on Ukrainian territory.

A considerable help

These hunting dogs have an excellent sense of smell. They are even able to detect the smell of explosives and other chemicals.

In fact, this Jack Russell dog has helped emergency service workers to remove explosive devices since the beginning of the war. About 90 mines have been removed from the ground with the help of this brave dog.

This Jack Russell wins hearts of people all over the world

The post has garnered almost 10,000 likes and many positive comments of encouragement and appreciation for the four-legged helper.

The photo of the courageous terrier quickly went viral all over the world's media.


Знайомтесь, це Патрон. Йому два роки. Він - душа та талісман наших чернігівських піротехніків. Супроводжує їх завжди і усюди. До речі, дуже любить сир, тож наші хлопці, при нагоді, балують його смачненьким.

Posted by ДСНС України on Tuesday, March 15, 2022

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