Passers-by hear noises coming from the parking lot and discover a horrific scene

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The police see a lot of terrible things on a daily basis. But what they saw last summer in a Spanish parking lot will leave them forever scarred.

By Justine Seraphin

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In July 2021, people in the Jaén region of Spain called the police about noises they were hearing from a nearby parking lot.

Left to fend for himself

When the police arrived, they found a very sad scene. A pitbull-type dog had been abandoned. 

He was described by rescuers as ‘more dead than alive’. He was covered in ulcers, ticks and fleas, and had several wounds. He was rushed to an animal hospital where it was discovered that he had been so hungry he’d eaten gloves - as those were the only things around to eat.

Search for a home of his own

Since his rescue, the dog, now named Rolo, has made a full recovery. Unfortunately, it seems that no-one is interested in giving him a forever home. Despite his sweet and affectionate personality, he has been waiting in the shelter kennels for 8 months now…

If you know anyone in Spain who could be interested in adopting, make sure to share Rolo’s story! 

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