Tiny pup wanders into Ukrainian soldiers’ camp; decides to stay to boost morale

brown stray puppy standing in mud next to soldier dog-angry © Dog with Blog - YouTube

Everyone knows dogs are good for the soul. And it seems dogs know it too. At least, this little pup was aware of it when he walked into these soldiers' camp.

By Justine Seraphin

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A few days ago, a tiny puppy wandered into the camp of several Ukrainian soldiers.

A welcome distraction

Instead of being turned away, the puppy was welcomed with open arms. Indeed, the soldiers were more than happy to get cuddles from the adorable furball. Far from their families, and in such a difficult situation, having a friend around was very much needed. 

And it seems that the little dog, named Rambo, sensed just how much these men needed him. Because he decided to stick around. Not just for the food, but also to spread positivity and good vibes to the men around him. In a video which has now gone viral, it’s clear to see that the pup feeds off the soldiers’ joy - so he does everything he can to make them happy. Plus, he has a very important job. As one soldier explained:

"He is our protector."

And sure enough, Rambo can be heard growling at the strangers in his camp. All the while wagging his tail and whole body furiously for the men he’s come to know and love. He may be small, but Rambo sure is very brave.

War dogs

These types of relationships between men and strays are often forged during wars, as both sides need one another to survive.

We hope with all our hearts that Rambo and his new adoptive family will be safe. 

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