Dog has fun in the snow: her owner discovers her spectacular transformation at home and bursts into laughter

Schnauzer dog with snowballs dog-happy © kuu_chan_0109 - Twitter

On the island of Hokkaido in Japan, winters are always very cold and the countryside is covered with a thick coat of snow.

By Emilie Heyl

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Living in this region is a real paradise for all those who love to play in the snow, both humans and animals!

This dog loves the snow 

This is the case of Kuu-chan who loves to play in the snow for hours. On 21 February, she went for a walk with her owner in the snow.

When her owner was watching her frolic in the snow outside, he didn't pay attention to one detail. But later, when they came home, her owner burst out laughing when he saw how Kuu-chan looked.

The dog had spent so much time jumping in the snow that she had actually stuck ice blocks in her hair! Her entire paw and underbelly were covered with mini snowballs! In fact, Kuu-chan had turned into a living mini snowman!

The whole of internet laughed at this situation

Her owner took pictures of the dog and posted them on his Twitter account. The dog's owner's followers were blown away by Kuu-chan's look and widely liked and shared the photos with over 17,000 likes!

Her owner said the dog's transformation was short-lived: after the photos, she quickly went to get a hot bath and her fur was back to being... furry!

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