Watch: Dolphin comes out of the water to kiss a dog

Dolphin jumps and kiss dog dog-happy © One World One Ocean - YouTube

Back in 2012 these images stole the hearts of thousands of people and they still do today! Actually, this video was featured in the award-winning IMAX documentary that documented the lives of dolphins in the wild.

By Emilie Heyl

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Today we present another magical moment of nature: a dolphin comes out of the water to greet a dog. Images that leave millions of people speechless for being as surprising as they are real.

The video shows two dogs enjoying a boat ride with their handlers when, suddenly, something unique happens. A curious dolphin comes out of the water to meet the visitors who are cruising the seas.

It seems that the dolphin wants to make friends with the dogs at all costs'', someone commented on the video.

Surprise, look at the dolphin

The marine mammal surprises everyone by jumping out of the water and approaches one of the dogs on the boat. And, with no reason, spontaneously kisses the dog.

After giving its kiss, the dolphin quickly returns to the water. This incredible moment demonstrates, in the words of experts who saw the images, the dolphin's personality: mischievous and affectionate in equal measure.

The clip was captured and featured in the award-winning IMAX documentary, a film documenting the lives of dolphins in the wild, by MacGillivray FreemanFilms who is also the founder of the One World, One Ocean campaign.

This isn't the first time we have witnessed an encounter between a dog and a dolphin, here is the story of a Golden Retriever who became best friends with a dolphin.

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